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Econ@Tel is organized in cross-discipline Working Groups (WG) aiming to bring together people working in telecommunications, economics, business, and regulation/policy scientific areas and aiming to consolidate and to develop structured scientific and practical applicable results. Thus, those deliverables described below are to be produced at the level of each WG and between WGs.

The following Working Groups (WG) have been defined:

WG 1: Economics of Telecommunications and Content Distribution Technologies (ETC)
    Leader: Dimitrios Varoutas
    Co-leader: Ilari Welling

  • Tariffing and billing issues as well as business models for communications and content distribution technologies
  • Privacy and security issues
  • Macroeconomic and universal service issues
  • Econometrics for ICT: Single/multiple function models for telecommunications and price indexes for telco products/ services
WG 2: Communications Business (CBU)
    Leader: vacant (*)
    Co-leader: Jerzy Kubasik

  • Digital convergence
  • Strategic alliances
  • Inter-Business networks and SLA economics
  • Converged and mobile payment systems
  • Mobile marketing
  • User Terminal enhancements required to support new business models
  • Operator finance
WG 3: Regulation and Public Policies (RPB)
    Leader: Marc Bourreau
    Co-leader: Erik Bohlin
  • Relationship between regulation and competition policy
  • Alternative modes of resource allocation
  • Institutional determinants of industry performance
  • Interfacing regulatory and technology guidelines, including security
  • Public policy for newly emerging and developing markets
  • Impact of disruptive technologies on regulation
WG 4: Network Management Architectures and Economics (NAE)
    Leader: Peter Reichl
    Co-leader: Burkhard Stiller
  • Role model investigation of IP-related and telecommunication service’s provisioning
  • Advanced network and service management functionality derived from new business models
  • Effective technology support for efficient pricing and tariffing models

(*) Louis-Francois Pau resigned on Sep 30, 2011.

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